Monday, 8 February 2016

Soap & Glory | The Perfect Ten Eye Shadow Palette

I want to start of this post by apologising, I'm not sure if this palette is actually still available from Soap & Glory because I picked it up in the Boots Christmas sale. I am sure I've seen palettes like this from Soap & Glory before, so if you can't get your hands on this one, there will definitely be something similar on the market that you can get your hands on. 

I did slightly impulse buy this palette, I spotted it reduced on the shelf and instantly snapped it up. I am a big fan of Soap & Glory make-up already so I thought it would be a safe purchase. I am a big fan of their Solar Powder, their Archery brow pencil and their Smoulder Kohl eyeliners. I've found that their make-up are really good quality for a really affordable price. 

On first look, you may think instantly "Naked 3 dupe" but after swatching it and using the shadows abit further I think that there is a little more variation in shades in this palette. The quality of these shadows is amazing for what I paid (I think it was around €10 reduced in the sale!) They are not overly powdery and really nicely pigmented. They pick up easily on the brush and transfer nicely onto the lid. I found that I did need a primer, as always with these shadows but if you don't have overly oily lids you should be fine. I used my regular Primer Potion from Urban Decay with this and I found that they lasted all day on me during work. 

There are only two matte shadows in this palette and the rest are all shimmers. They are all really wearable shades, that all really work well together. You can create a number of looks with this, from a simple day-time look to an smoked out deep look. I love that the darkest shade in this palette is actually a dark blue, it makes a nice subtle change from the regular black that normally comes with palettes like this. 

If you can get your hands on this palette, I would definitely recommend it as a nice everyday eyeshadow palette. You should check out Soap & Glory make-up in general because I think you will be surprised at the quality and the choice! 

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Tanning Essentials | Cocoa Brown & WOW Brown

 If you know me at all, you will know that I am an absolute tan-aholic. I am naturally very pale (see-though!) so it is a rare occurrence that you'll see me without tan. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my tan and I am very loyal to certain brands. I have tried the majority of tans on the market and because I am so fair alot of them tend to look completely over the top on me. I have found three products that I absolutely love, that never let me down and that I always have in my collection. So if you are a lady with fairer skin, these would be the products I would recommend for you.

Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan
If there is ever a time where I don't have a bottle of this in my collection, there is something very wrong. This is my holy grail tan and I could never be without it. You can leave it on for one hour like it says on the bottle, or if you want a more intense shade you can leave it on over night to develop. It gives a gorgeous golden glow, that doesn't look orange, muddy or green. It is the most natural tan that I have ever found. It is a moose formula that is slightly tinted so you can see where you're putting it- so no dodgy streaks! When you shower it off, just let the water wash it away- I don't use any shower gels or body washes. With this there is no "fake tan smell" it has a gorgeous scent but it doesn't really linger so if you're not a fan of it you don't need to worry about it. I really can't recommend this tan enough, for the price you can't go wrong so go out and give it a go!  

 Wow Brown Ready to Glo Dark Tanning Liquid
This is a more recent addition to my tanning routine. This is what I use when I want to look intense dark but not unnatural looking. This is a tinted liquid so like the Cocoa Brown you can see where you are putting it which avoids any mishaps! A little goes a long way with this tan which I love. This gives a gorgeous deep glow with a slight red undertone on me, so it really does look like you've gotten a natural tan in the sun. This can last up to 7 days on me if I look after it properly, and when it does start to come off it always fades instead of coming off in patches. It has a lovely, light scent too it. I love when tans avoid the traditional biscuit scent. If you are looking for a tan for a night out or if you just like a darker everyday tan, this is your go-to! I really love this tan and again it is one that I wouldn't be without now!

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze
This is what I use for maintaining my tan. A couple of days after applying my main tan, I will pop this on at night just for a bit of a top up. I use this all over my body and my face, because of the formula of the moisturiser it will not clog your pores so it is safe to use on the face. This has the same scent as the 1hr tan which is quite pleasant. This is a nice top up mid way through the week just to add a little bit more colour and to even things out if the tan underneath starts to fade. If I wanted a very natural colour I would just use this on its own for a few nights to build up a colour. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and moisturised too. If you don't like an overly intense colour, give this a go! It's nice because you can build it up to the colour you want and it moisturises your skin at the same time- win, win!

So those are my top 3 picks at the moments for tanning. I couldn't live without them and they are complete essentials in different ways. I recommend you give these a go, and let me know how you get on!
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Current MAC Beauty Favourites

When I started to write up my monthly favourites this month, I noticed that a lot of products were from MAC. When I actually went through my make-up bag I noticed that 80% of the products I was using on a day to day basis were from MAC. So instead of including the MAC products in my favourites post, I decided to just dedicate an entire post to what I have been loving from MAC lately. My blog has been slightly MAC orientated lately but I have just been loving so many different products from them that I had to share!  

MAC Fix +
This is one of those products that you don't need in your collection, but it is a lovely addition to have. I use this on a daily basis as a finishing spray for my make-up. I think that it is a really nice step to give that finished look to your make-up look. It just seems to tie everything all together, it takes away that overly powdery look to the skin and gives a nice glow. It is a really nice product to use during the day as a refreshing mist too. I love the scent of it, it smells devine! 

MAC Gigablack Lash Mascara*
I have only discovered this mascara recently even though I got sent it months ago. It is a really small slim brush and it is perfect for using on the bottom lashes. I have only started using this in the past couple of weeks, but I love how it separates and coats my bottom lashes without looking too heavy. It also doesn't drop down or smudge which makes it perfect for the bottom lashes.

MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer
I use this in NW20 and I usually stick to under my eyes with this concealer. It has amazing full coverage but the thing I like the most about it is that it doesn't look or feel heavy on the skin. It applies and blends beautifully and lasts all day on my skin. The tiniest bit really goes a long way and it can be easy to go over board with this concealer so a light hand is advised!

MAC Give Me Sun! Bronzer
I got this before Christmas and it has been the main bronzer that I have been using since. It is one of their Mineralize Skin Finish powders. This bronzer looks perfect when I have tan on. It is a slightly red-toned bronzer so it does give the illusion of a natural tan. It goes on with a sheer finish so it is alot easier to build up, and it's nice that it doesn't come off with an intense block of colour straight away and you can build up to the colour you want. 

MAC Spellbinder Blush
I have already written a whole blog post about this blush here but I had to include it in this favourites post because I love it that much. This was released as part of the MAC Faerie Whispers collection in the past few weeks, and after spotting it on one of Jacyln Hill's videos I ordered it straight away. Like I mentioned in my original blog post about it, I think that this is the perfect blush for that Winter/Spring transition. It is a gorgeous brightening blush, but gives a very natural sheen to the cheeks. It is the perfect mix between a bright pink and a coral- it sits somewhere in the middle. The blush has a "satin" finish so it doesn't come off overly strong on the cheeks which is perfect for me since lately I have been preferring not to wear blusher. This has reintroduced blush back into my make-up routine and I absolutely love it.

MAC "Everyone's Darling" Eyeshadow*
Another limited edition collection item (sorry!) but something that has been in my make-up bag constantly since I got it. It is a very deep burgundy, and it is one of those eyeshadows that I can reach for on an everyday basis that creates a subtle difference in what could otherwise be a boring everyday look. It is a matte finish but is still amazingly pigmented and so easy to work with. I would just do my everyday make up look and add this to the crease to give a bit of colour to my eyes. It doesn't look too much but it is lovely for a slightly different look. 

Leading on from the "Everyone's Darling" eyeshadow, this is the eyeshadow palette that I have been reaching for the past couple of weeks. Again, it gives a nice look to the eyes by adding a bit of colour without looking too crazy for everyday. It has a gorgeous mix of matte, shimmer and glittery shades- all with a warm burgundy tone. My favourite shades in the palette are Quarry, Embark and Sketch. I would use the three of these in conjunction with each other and they just work beautifully together.

MAC Honey Love
This is one of the most recent lipsticks I have gotten from MAC and I have been obsessively using it since. It is a gorgeous brown-toned nude. It is a matte finish, so it can be a tad drying but it will stay on your lips for ages. I love wearing this with a brown, smokey eye and lots of bronzer. I think it would only suit fair to medium skin tones because I think it might tend to wash out darker skintones. But this has been one of my go to lipsticks for the past couple of weeks and I have worn it down so much already.

MAC Viva Glam II
This is the second lipstick that I have been using pretty much constantly the past couple of weeks. As you can see from the swatches, it is not a whole lot different from Honey Love. It does have a slightly more mauve undertone compared to Honey Love. A lot of people compare this to MAC Velvet Teddy, but I actually prefer this. It is a lot lighter than Velvet Teddy and is a lot easier to wear on a day to day basis. Again it is a matte finish, so it is really long-lasting but still feels creamy on the lips. 

MAC Whirl
I pair this with both of the lipsticks mentioned and I love it equally with both. I would have this on the outside of the lips outlined and the lighter lipstick in the centre of the lips, it really gives the illusion of fuller lips. It looks gorgeous on its own with a bit of lipbalm or with different lipsticks layered on top. I think it is one of those lip liners that everyone needs to have in their collection and you can create so many different looks with it. 

MAC Stripdown
Again this is another liner that I have been loving wearing on its own with a little bit of lipbalm dabbed on top. But it is the perfect liner to pair with Honey Love lipstick. That combo has been my go-to for weeks! It looks beautiful with a tan so I do tend to wear it when I am a bit more tanned or bronzed up! The lipliners from MAC are amazingly pigmented and so easy to apply. I just fly through lipliners from MAC, you need to try one if you haven't already!
 Let me know if you use any MAC products that you think I would like and let me know what your favourite MAC product is!

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Beauty Favourites

January was definitely a long month. Christmas seems like a life time ago and there has been so many new products that I have tried this month along with a lot of old rediscoveries.

Becca Champagne Pop 
I was lucky enough to get my hands on this much coveted highlighter this month. I have already written a blog post about my thoughts and ravings about it. But just to sum it up, this highlighter is above and beyond anything I have ever used before. There is no glitter visible on the cheeks when this is applied but it is still gives the most intense glow I have ever seen. It literally glides onto the skin and is effortless to apply. Since getting this, it is all I have been wearing on the tops of my cheeks and on the top of my brow bone. It just sets off any kind of look that I have been wearing. It is now part of the permanent line for Becca and is slowly becoming easier to get hold of outside of America, so if you can get hold of it I 100% recommend that you do!

Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment
I think I have already featured this in a monthly favourites before but I just had to give it another mention. This is the only hair styling product I have used in my hair this month. It gives me everything that I need for my hair. It detangles, adds shine, smooths, offers heat protection and adds body and volume. It smells gorgeous and just a few sprays through the ends of my hair leaves it feeling so nourished and healthy. It has become an essential in my hair care routine, and I have been using it every time I wash my hair over the past few months.

 Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Another old favourite that I thought deserved a mention was this mask from Origins. I adore Origins skincare, and this is one of the stand out products that I have discovered so far. My skin has been feeling so dehydrated the past month or so, and this has been a life saver. You can leave this on overnight as an intensive hydrating moisturiser or apply a thick layer for a few minutes as a quick injection of moisture. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and plumped up after using it. My make-up always applies so much better the morning after I have used this, and it smells like peaches..devine!

Inglot HD Foundation
I picked this up before Christmas and have been giving it the road test since. I am planning on doing an entire review about this foundation so I won't go on too much about it here. This is a full overage foundation with a satin/natural finish. A little really goes a long way foundation, but as you can see I am still flying through it! I have been wearing it on a daily basis and even at work I find that it lasts incredibly well. I would need to lightly powder after a few hours just to get rid of excess oils, but the foundation doesn't break down or fade. 

Ghost Eclipse Perfume
I regretted including this in my post after realizing that I will have to try and explain how it smells. But I have been loving it too much not to include it! I got a tiny sample of this perfume years ago with a magazine, and always meant to pick up the full size. I spotted it in the Boots Christmas sale, and snapped it up for under €20! This reminds me of Summer, it's a light, fresh fragrance that is really non offensive for everyday use. It lasts really well though-out the day but not in that over-powering way that some perfumes can be. I think it is the perfect perfume for the Spring, and I'd definitely recommend you give it a smell if you can!

So those are my favourites for the month of January. Let me know what your favourite products for the month have been and if you have any recommendations!

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess | Shimmering Dry Body Oil

She's done it again. The genius that is Marissa Carter has created yet another amazing product. We all know and love Cocoa Brown. I seriously doubt there is an Irish girl that hasn't tried her tan at this stage. I have gone through countless bottles and it is my go to tan. In November the beautiful Golden Goddess oil was released and I was lucky enough to pick it up almost straight away in a Penneys close to me. 

I was dying to get my hands on this as soon as the teaser photos started to emerge over the internet in the months leading up to the release. I have never tried something like this before, and alot of people have been comparing this to the much hyped NUXE dry body oil. I learned quickly that a little goes a long way with this oil. I have been using this as a face highlighter more so than anything and I am beyond obsessed. One pump is plenty to do the tops of my cheekbones so this bottle is going to last forever. 

I apply it using my Real Techniques Setting Brush just after I've applied my foundation and concealer, before I apply any powder products. It is definitely a very golden oil so I do only use it when I'm wearing a decent amount of tan. I think it is a little bit too much when I am my natural pale shade, but I'm not that shade too often so I don't need to worry about that. This is the most shimmery thing I have ever used. It is so glittery and it completely brightens up any make up look. It lasts amazingly well throughout the day too!  It looks amazing on the collar bones and down the centre of the legs for a night out (because I go out sooo!)

I definitely recommend you pick this up. It is the perfect addition to any Cocoa Brown collection and definitely will be a staple for many for a night out. It is available from Penneys nationwide for €11.95...bargain!

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Becca | Champagne Pop

 Following on from my Jacyln Hill obsession in my last blog post, the whole thing that started off my obsession was this highlighter. I bought it off Depop, brand new and unused. I figured it was only right to research the woman behind the highlighter- and now I'm obsessed with both.

I have tried very little from Becca, but any reviews that I have read or seen have been nothing but complimentary. The world went mad for Champagne Pop during the Summer last year, but unfortunately it was slightly harder to get hold of in Ireland since it was a Sephora exclusive. It has since become a permanent addition to the Becca line, and it is now available from Space NK which makes it a little more accessible to us beauty addicts across the pond. 

You all know I am highlighter obsessed. I would say it is my favourite part of putting on make-up, next to mascara because it can make the most difference to your face. This is the most buttery feeling powder that I have ever used. I was worried that this highlighter was going to be slightly too dark for my skintone- but it is perfect. It gives the most natural looking highlight I have found so far. It applies like a dream and blends out beautifully.  

All the hype about Champagne Pop is definitely justified. I imagine it would compliment a lot of different skin tones. This looks beautiful on it's own just with bronzer on the tops of the cheekbones or with a little bit of blush underneath. I have been wearing this everyday. Some people might consider this a little much for everyday wear- but I like a lot of highlight. Even though it is a little bit harder to get your hands on here in Ireland, I would 100% recommend you try to get a swatch of it. You won't regret it! 

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

MAC | Spellbinder

I recently discovered Jacyln Hill's videos on YouTube (I know, what rock have I been living under?!) and in one of her recent get ready with me videos she used this blush from MAC. It was literally love at first sight, and I had it ordered within the hour. I haven't worn blusher on an everyday basis in the past few weeks - purely because I had fallen out of love with it. I wasn't feeling the plum shades I had been reaching for in the colder months and I felt it was too soon to be breaking out the corals and the pinks. 

In the video this looked so brightening and illuminating on the skin that I did half expect it to turn up and be pure glitter. This was not the case. It is more gorgeous than I thought! I didn't even google swatches of this, I didn't hear anything else about it until I seen Jacyln use it in her video. I just realised I haven't even told you what it is. This is the "Spellbinder" blush from the MAC Faerie Whispers collection. I actually posted about this collection on my Facebook a few days before discovering this blush! The press pictures do not do this blush any justice in my opinion, because in real life this is gorgeous! 

When I first wore this blush, my mum commented on it saying it looked gorgeous. My mum never really notices what I wear on my face, so for her to comment on it the first day I wore it really meant something! On first application this made my skin look healthier and brighter. It is the perfect mix between a coral and a pink shade. It completely brightens up my complexion while still looking subtle and as natural as a pink blush can. It is a satin finish which gives a nice gleam to the skin without any glitter. Add a highlighter on top and it is just perfection. It is very sheer so it is hard to go wrong with it, and it is the most perfect shade for the transition from Winter to Spring.

I'm not sure how much longer this blush is going to be available so if you are eyeing it up definitely snap it up before it leaves counters! It is available from MAC counters and online here.
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