Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

Just wanted to start off this post by apologizing for the lack of content on my blog lately. I decided to take a small break from social media and I haven't been posting as frequently on my Instagram or Facebook. But I'm getting back into routine this week and wanted to share something that I have been using and loving for awhile now. You know those products that is so raved about, and so hyped up that you just refuse to try it because you're convinced that it couldn't be all that? Yeah that's how I was about the Uniq One. This has been raved about both online and in "real" life and I just couldn't believe that it could be that good. But you all know how weak I am and I ended up buying it anyway. I'm fickle and I wanted nice hair. I have recently gotten a bit of a hair chop and a few layers put in and I haven't been so happy with my hair in a very long time. I got it styled at Jiksaw Hair Design in Carrick on Shannon. They are honestly the nicest girls ever in there and Hannah is a miracle worker! So after she put so much work into fixing my hair I vowed that I would take better care of it. This seemed to be on the top of everyone's list of hair care products along with Moroccan Oil so I made the purchase. 

This is a leave-in hair treatment that comes with big claims. It says it has 10 Real Benefits- Repair for Dry & Damaged Hair, Shine & Frizz Control, Heat Protection, Silkiness & Smoothness, Hair Colour Protection with UVA & UVB Filters, Easier Brushing & Ironing, Incredible Detangling, Long-lasting hairstyle, Split ends prevention and adds body. So of course I didn't believe any of those claims before using this and was a complete and utter pessimist. Sickened to say, I was wrong. I fricking love this now and haven't gone a hair wash without using it since getting it! 

I spray it all over my hair while it is still damp and then brush through. The combination of this and my Wet Brush makes it so easy to glide the brush through my hair. My hair feels so much less knotty and tangled so there are less breakages which is always a good thing. Once my hair is blow dried it feels so silky and smooth. I have been limiting myself to the amount of times I straighten my hair and I find this helps cut out any need to really use the straighteners. It also leaves your hair smelling like you've just walked out of the hairdressers! (Swish Swish!)

I don't think I have been using this long enough to see benefits like the spit end prevention or to see how the heat protection is but so far so good and I am pleasantly surprised with how this has worked on my hair. I ordered mine from Cloud10Beauty which is one of my favourite online beauty stores.
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Pippa for Blank Canvas Cosmetics

So like the majority of Irish girls two weeks ago, I pre-ordered the Pippa Palette and waited with baited breath for it to arrive on my door step. I have been a fan of Pippa for a long time, I really admire her as a business woman and have a little bit of a girl crush on her. From looking at all the swatches and pictures online, I knew that this palette would be right up my street. It is an all in one palette which contains both eye and face powders. The eyeshadows are all matte and then there is a highlighter, blusher and bronzer too. 

When this came through my letter box, I literally pounced on it and I had it Instagrammed, Snapchatted and blog pictures taken within minutes. I then started to pile on the make-up. The palette comes with six matte, neutral eyeshadows ranging from light to dark. There is everything you would need to create a subtle everyday look or a dark smokey eye for night-time. The eyeshadow shades are also shades that you could wear alone, swept all over the lid or blended together to create a more shaded look. 

The face powders are amazing. Mother of God they are pigmented so a light hand is needed! The bronzer is matte, so perfect for either if you want to do a bit of contouring or just want an all over bronzed look. The blusher is right up my street, a gorgeous peach-pink colour which compliments the bronzer beautifully. But the star of the palette for me has got to be the highlighter. I can not get over how absolutely gorgeous this highlighter is. Think Mary-Lou, but better! It is the most perfect natural (not with the amount I put on) looking highlighter. It glides on to the skin, doesn't look chunky or glitter and lasts forever on the skin!  I really hope that they release this on it's own because I can guarantee that this will be the first thing I run out of in the palette.

The quality of the powders in this palette is outstanding. They are all like silk to apply, they blend beautifully and wear amazingly well. I definitely recommend you give this palette a go, it has everything you could ever need all in the one handy, travel friendly compact. It is available to buy online at Cloud10Beauty.
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Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Beauty Favourites

I have tried so many different products this month, which is unusual for me. I normally find something I love and stick with it. But I have just been chopping and changing a lot of things in my everyday routines. That sounds like a risky move but it has been working fine (so far!) So I have a good mix of products this month, some skincare, make up and even some dental bits. 

MAC Burgundy Palette*
I wrote a blog post about this palette during the month going through it in more detail so I won't go on about it too much here. But I got sent this by MAC a few weeks a go and have not taken it out of my make-up bag since. When I first got it I was worried that the colours would not suit me and I wouldn't be able to get as much use out of the whole palette but I am pleased to report that I have used every single shade in this palette. You can create so many different eye looks going from day to night with this palette. The pans are a little bit smaller than your usual MAC shadow but in my opinion it is such a nice way to have all your shadows in one compact case and not have it over crowding your make-up bag. 

Kinvara Absolute Cleansing Oil
Again I have a blog post all about this cleanser so I will quickly run through it. This is the first cleansing oil that I have ever used and I have really fallen in love with this method of cleansing. It breaks down all my make-up with a maximum of two pumps and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. It is one of the most natural cleansers I have ever used and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin! 

Inglot YSM Foundation
I picked this up on a trip to Galway at the beginning of the month and it has been my go-to daily foundation since. I really didn't expect to love this as much as I do. I colour matched myself in a bit of a hurry and ended up going for shade 42 which is a nice neutral toned foundation. It works well if I have a little bit of tan on, which I usually do. It leaves a semi-matte finish to the skin but the thing I like most about this foundation is that it is incredible long-wearing. This will stay on my face until I go to take it off in the evening. It is perfect for long days at work, or even nights out since it has no SPF and won't create any flash back in pictures!

Rimmel Nude Lipsticks
Rimmel released a whole range of nude lipsticks earlier this month and of course I had to pick up one or two (three!) Everyone and their dog is all about the nude lips these days and Rimmel definitely hopped on that bandwagon while it was still rolling. The lipsticks are a part of the Kate Moss collection, which I am already a massive fan of. The idea behind the lipsticks is that they have a nude to suit everybody. They have them colour-coded depending on your skin tone, so there is ones suitable for cool, warm or neutral undertones. The one I have found myself reaching for the most has been number 45 (really wish they had names!) and sometimes if I don't have as much tan on I will go for 40. They are lovely moisturising lipsticks and feel really nice on the lips. Definitely check them out if you are passing a Rimmel stand, although most of the stands that I have been at have been cleaned out! 

No.7 Dramatic Lift Mascara
So No.7 launched a new mascara this month called the Dramatic lift, ad let me just say this one does exactly what it says on the tin. The wand reminds me of a mascara from No.7 that was out years ago named Exquisite Curl which I loved but sadly got discontinued. But this is the next best thing. It coats the lashes in product, lengthens and adds lovely volume. I curl my lashes everyday without fail and I have found this to really help the curl last. I also think that this is the kind of mascara that will only improve as it drys out! Really impressed with this one from No.7 and I will definitely be repurchasing. 

Beverly Hills Perfect White Black Toothpaste 
This is something I have been meaning to try out ever since I seen pictures of it doing the rounds on Instagram. This is a black toothpaste that helps whiten your teeth. It contains Activated Charcoal which is a very popular ingredient that people use to whiten their teeth. I have used a lot of whitening toothpastes in the past and can say confidently that I have found the best results with this. I have only been using it a few weeks but already I can see that my teeth are shades whiter than they were before. I do drink a lot of coffee and would be prone to staining but this completely counteracts that and reduces any staining. Love love love this and I couldn't be without it! 

MAC Fix+
This is a product I have reviewed on the blog a few weeks ago, but since then I have become obsessed with it. I am going to have to buy another bottle so I can leave one in my handbag and one in my make-up bag. This stuff was a god-send during the humid weather we had in Ireland a few weeks back. I can't stand the sweaty, heavy weather so I was drenching myself in this every hour on the hour. It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and cool. It smells gorgeous and is a really nice step to add on to the end of your make-up routine as a finishing spray. 

So those are all my Beauty favourites of the month of July. I really feel like I have discovered some keepers last month. Let me know what your go to product has been for the month of July and I'll be sure to check it out!
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Lipsticks

So Rimmel have done it again. Their lipsticks are some of the best on the market (in my humble opinion) and they have only gone and released a nude lipstick collection as part of their Kate Moss range. Cue all the Kylie Jenner fan-girls tripping over themselves to get as far as them. But I have to say I am really impressed. Of course being the beauty blogger that I am, I had to pick up three all for the sake of the blog and Instagram. But I really like how they have done this collection.

First of the packaging is just gorgeous. It is the same packaging as the other Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks except instead of being black they are a gorgeous pale peach-pink. So pretty to have in the make-up bag. So one of the main things Rimmel have tried to do with this collection is to have a nude to suit every skin tones. They have ones for warm, cool and neutral undertones so based on what your skin is like, you will be able to find a nude to suit you.

They are very like the original Kate Moss lipsticks formula wise. Very moisturising and comfortable to wear on the lips. They are not the longest lasting lipsticks I have ever worn but for the price you really don't mind topping up every now and again. They have a very medicinal smell to them which doesn't linger thankfully but might not be for everyone. The shade I have been reaching for the most out of the ones that I picked up is 45, which reminds me of MAC's "Brave" lipstick which I adore. I also picked up the shades 40- which is a more "concealer lips" nude and 43- which is a more orange-brown nude.

The lipsticks are currently priced at €6.99 which is a-mazing, and they are available to buy online here.
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

No.7 Dramatic Lift Mascara

In the last few weeks No.7 have launched a new mascara and I have been putting it to the test. You may have seen that I posted a before and after picture on my Facebook and I have been so impressed since then it has taken up permanent residence in my make-up bag. Aside from having ridiculously hard to photograph packaging, I have been really enjoying using this mascara. 

It has a good old fashioned curved bristle wand which, reminds me of the old No.7 Exquisite Curl mascara which I adored. It grips the lashes really well and makes it so easy to get an even layer of mascara on all the lashes. This mascara claims to lift lashes by 70% and to give the ultimate wide awake look. Now I religiously curl my lashes everyday before I apply mascara, and I can't remember the last time I didn't do this as part of my make-up routine. But since using this mascara I found that the curl lasts so much longer. It really helps plump up my eyelashes and keep the curl in the eyelash for longer. 

The formula is super light weight and I haven't had any problems with clumping because of this. It doesn't feel heavy on the lashes, and I have worn this on nights out and have been known to add more layers while I'm out. I still had no problems with clumping or flaking. Another thing I really like about this mascara is that it is really long-lasting on the lashes. I use my Kinvara Cleansing oil to remove it in the evenings but it won't budge before that. I haven't tested to see if it's waterproof, I doubt it is but it seems to be a really hard wearing mascara. 

It is currently on an introductory price of €13 in Boots so I'd recommend you snap it up now if you want to give it a go! New holy grail mascara? I don't want to speak to soon but...
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Monday, 20 July 2015

Kinvara Absolute Cleansing Oil

 There has been a lot about the Kinvara Skincare range all over social media lately, and we all know I have yet to meet a bandwagon I haven't jumped on yet so of course I decided to have a nosey and see what the hype was about. As far as I can tell there are three items in the range, a cleanser, moisturiser and a serum. So I picked up what I thought would be the easiest thing to test out - the oil cleanser. My skin is very particular - it knows what it likes and it doesn't take long to show me what it doesn't so I thought I would find out quickly if this worked for me. 

I have never properly tried out an oil cleanser before, and with having slightly oily skin I thought it would be a bit unnatural to apply it all over my face. Which to be fair it did at first, it's a very strange feeling rubbing an oil all over your dry skin and make-up. But I quickly learned that the oil broke down my make-up so quickly and much easier than anything I had used before. I have been getting back into wearing a little bit of liquid eyeliner along my top lash line and this just wipes it all away with minimal effort. It has a very slight natural scent of eucalyptus which doesn't over-power while cleansing but is a nice addition to the product. I tend to use one or two pumps for my entire face, I rub it between my hands and then massage it onto my skin. Once I think all my make-up is broken up I take a warm, damp face cloth and buff it off my skin.

If you have sensitive skin I would definitely recommend you give this a go. All the ingredients are listed on the back and is nothing there that you can't understand (or pronounce!) and it also says that there are no parabens, artificial colours, fragrances, SLS, nasties and no animal testing. Kinvara is available across Ireland in health food shops and also online here.
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Friday, 17 July 2015

MAC Fix+

This is one of those products that has been around forever, and has been raved about forever but i just never picked up. But one of the girls at work had it in her bag and told me to try it, and I fell in love. I was only after buying the Smashbox priming water which I really like, so I tried to put off buying it for as long as I could...which was about a week or so. 

This is one of those magic water sprays that can both set your make-up and be a refreshing spray for throughout the day. They say that it adds radiance and is a good finisher for your make-up, which I definitely agree with. Lately I have found my skin to be very oily and make up just doesn't seem to be sitting right. So I have been powdering to set my foundation and then adding a couple of sprays of this on top to take away that cakey, flat look. 

It smells gorgeous- really refreshing so it is perfect for a spray first thing in the morning or mid way through the day as a perk me up. The only niggle I have with it is the same as what I had with the Smashbox one, the spray. I really wish it distributed a more even mist because at the moment you could either get a light spray of product or a heavy squirt (lovely) in the face, but that's just me being picky. 
I'd definitely recommend you give this a go if you around a MAC counter. They have mini sizes available too! Or if you're not near a counter, it is available online here!
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